Roger Morris Photos Page 2


Pictures were submitted by Roger Morris

roger_morris_1aSp4 Gary Lewis, SSG Roger Morris, LT Murphy,
PFC TJ McGinley, SP4 Stewart

roger_morris_2aUNK, SSG Roger Morris, UNK,
SP4 James Gormley (KIA 24 Feb 68)

roger_morris_3aSP4 James Gormley (KIA 24 Feb, 68), SP4 Walt Jackson, SSG Roger Morris, SP4 Mercier (kneeling)

roger_morris_4aSSG Roger Morris (left) and SP4 Keeffe knocking down beers in the Phang Rhang 1/327 club, Nov 67

roger_morris_5aSSG Roger Morris

roger_morris_6aSSG Roger Morris

roger_morris_8aPicture is of the nine 85mm’s that we captured. “Doc” Hank Ortega
is kneeling in front wearing the beret. I am standing (Roger Morris)
on the far right as you look at it. I am still working on the other names.
I recognize the faces but am having trouble with names right now