Ronald Gallant Photos Page 3


Pictures were submitted by Ronald Gallant

These photo’s are of 1st Platoon COBRA Company taken on March or April 1967 at Base Camp in Ban Me Thouet. Ron has provided names of those he remembers, if anyone can fill in the blanks let me know. David J.

robert_kellamRobert Kellam
3rd Squad


sunny_mikeMike & Sunny

john_ruffJohn Ruff

Ammo Bearer


clark_colbert_negronClark, Colbert & Negron

rope_ladderRon going up rope ladder.
Don’t look down Ron!

hillIn the clear spot, middle of mt. you can see smoke & dust from a 105mm fired directly into it.
Ron’s eyesight back then was a lot better than mine is now, but I know it’s there.
Robert Parker is picture at the right of frame.