William Fowler Photos


Pictures were submitted by William “Bill” Fowler

bill_fowler_1964Bill Fowler at Ft Campbell near the
327th barracks, 1964

bill_fowler_1964_2Bill Fowler at Ft Campbell in the 327th
barracks in 1964

retire_85Bill and family at retirement 1985

rvn65kidsThis is a picture of Larry Evans on the left,
Steve Entrekin in the middle and me
(wearing Lloyd Hudsons Shirt), on the right
with Yhung and Thyung, the Vietnamese kids
that we cared for from Quinhon-Cobra City
in Sep. of 65, thru March of 64 when we went
to Tuy Hoa.
Actually, we went to Tuy Hoa in
late January, but the kids were still there
in March of 66 according to Terry Whitpan.
No body has seen then since they left
Phan Rang. They went to the Bob Hope
Christmas Show in Nha Trang in 1965
and danced on the stage with Ann Margret
and Joey Heatherington. They may be on the
tape of that program broadcast back
in the states at a later date. Wouldn’t it
be neat to get Unsolved Mysteries Involved
in the search to find them?