David J. Markham

COBRA Company ’66/’67
[email protected]


I entered the service on the buddy plan with a friend, Terry Sexton, from high school in early 1966. We were only together for basic training then we were split up. I went to A.I.T. at Fort Gordon, GA., then on to Jump School at Fort Benning, GA.

I went to Vietnam by the end of 1966, did the Phan Rang P training thing and upon completion I was assigned to “Cobra” Company 3rd plt.

I met my wife Cathy Brochey, and we married on 10/22/71 and renewed our vows of marriage 3/18/01, just so I wouldn’t forget them.

We have two great sons, Jeremy James, and Jeffrey David, and six Grandchildren, Tyler, Hunter, Faith (twins) Elizabeth, Chase, and Dylan (also twins).

David J. Markham