David J. Markham

COBRA Company ’66/’67
[email protected]


I entered the service on the buddy plan with a friend, Terry Sexton, from high school in early 1966. We were only together for basic training then we were split up. I went to A.I.T. at Fort Gordon, GA., then on to Jump School at Fort Benning, GA.

I went to Vietnam by the end of 1966, did the Phan Rang P training thing and upon completion I was assigned to “Cobra” Company 3rd plt.

I met my wife Cathy Brochey, and we married on 10/22/71 and renewed our vows of marriage 3/18/01, just so I wouldn’t forget them.

We have two great sons, Jeremy James, and Jeffrey David, and six Grandchildren, Tyler, Hunter, Faith (twins) Elizabeth, Chase, and Dylan (also twins).

We all Remember what happened and where we were on 9/11/2001. Well Myself and many others were scheduled to attend the 327th D.M.O.R. ceremony at Fort Campbell, Kentucky. Dale Hansen, James Simcherra, Eli Haggins and myself, David J. had been selected to be installed as a “Distinguished Members of the Regiment” along with others. The base went into lockdown and that ended the the ceremony for 2001. We were still  awarded the Certificates and ensured we would complete the ceremony in 2002 at that years D.M.O.R. ceremony. One of the proudest moments, next to being married to the love of my life and rising two wonderful sons and watching them and families grow, was to be one of the D.M.O.R.’s selected by and with my peers.

327th Infantry Regiment MOH, DMORs, HMORs