Jean Soucy

COBRA/TIGER FORCE Companies ’67/’68
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I was in Cobra Company, May-Jun 67 working out of Duc Pho, then to Tigers from end of Jun until WIA 28 Aug in Chu Lai.

Retired in 1992 after a 27 year career in Airborne, Special Forces and Cavalry assignments. Married Yun Cha in Oct 1968, we have two grown children and a perfect grandchild.

Since 1993 I have worked as a Military Trainer in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.

jean_soucyThe day I retired.

jean_soucy_2Today at work. Jean is in the middle.

Since my last update in 2003, I have been training Iraqi Army and Afghanistan National Army soldiers from 2004-2007. I am now fully retired, doing Grandpa things and Golfing.

“Above the Rest”, Jean Soucy