Larry J Orosco

C Company 1967



I met Him in the Battalion Aid Station, in Duc Pho or Kwan Dong? We were both doing the same ole thing that Medic’s always do, on a stand-down, We were trying to figure out, what I need more of? and or, less of? in the never ending Quest for “The Perfect Aid Kit” for our next treck in the hills & dales, of beutifull S.E. Asia, Stocked with all the Med. Supply, I would need & in what amount’s? For Maximum efficiency & no excess weight of Med. Item’s I would never use? Like a Snake Bite Kit, so complex & dangerous to use, in the field, and take’s up space that could be used for 4 or 5 more Field Bandages, instead of dead weight. I , like most Medic’s did, hung around the Aid Station, when We Could? and share our limited, bits-O-info, with each other about, Anything? Medical. So, He & I met & shared Medic stuff & also, where We were in Life, back in The World, etc.

I learned He had a wife & a kid or two, back home & He was so young looking, Himself, and ? Hell? He was young, at about 18 or 19 years old & sort of ? still filling out in the face, and frame, God gave Him to grow into, in a few more years, down the road in life.

He was killed trying to help other wounded Comrades, in harms way, & died trying to do so, & that is, in it’s Self, make’s Doc. Orosco, A Hero’s, Heroic Angel of Mercey, under fire. He is truely Above The Rest! watching over Us, with God in Heaven, Til We meet again, in the sky. (God Willing), of course! 🙂 “right”? Big Guy ! Rest in Peace Doc. ! You are not forgotten, & won’t be! So long as I live, You will Live in My Heart.. Doc. Teeters.