Louis Broussard

COBRA Company ’65/’66


Louis Broussard Of Austintown, Ohio, suddenly on Friday, November 27, 2015, at the Northside Medical Center, Louis E “Toby”. Broussard Jr.; beloved husband of Maxine L. (Cushard).  Toby was attached to the 101st Airborne “Screaming Eagles.”  In Vietnam he was with 101st C Company, 3rd Platoon, 1st/ 327 Abn. Inf. Div – Airborne.  While on search and destroy missions for six months with Infantry Division, C Company known as the Cold Steel Cobra, Toby and the soldiers with him endured harsh conditions without hot food, beds or showers until on May 16, 1966 in Nuyn, Toby and friend, Chief Cletus Ninham, were both seriously wounded.  For this wound Toby was awarded the Purple Heart.

Louis Broussard “C” company 1/237 101st. 65-66. during early 1966 my platoon – 3rd was sent in the night of the crash. The area was ablaze and there was no survivors. The crash site was on a hill side. Everyone on that chinook died instantly. Many pictures were taken by some journalist or photographer carrying side arms.

We provided perimeter security for 2 or three days before the crash was policed for bodies and wreckage. Never knew what caused the crash. Some speculated that the engine was hit.

Myself and my brothers-about 18 of us were photographed. Haven’t seen any of them since.

I was WIA by a trip wire with a mortar round attached. Killed company medic and wounded me and “Chief” I was sent home – million dollar wound – but chief returned. I’m now on 100% disability. The wound – lost a lot of muscle and the resulting Hep C virus associated with the blood transfusions for that wound (end stage liver disease) Living on a small spread in the Texas Hill country. Married with a couple of grown girls. Worst food in the world is powdered eggs. Best beer in the world is cold beer. Best cig in the world is a dry one. Best woman in the world is a easy one.
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Louis Broussard

vanlone_chief_broussardJim Van Lone, Cletus Ninham (Chief), Louis (Toby) Broussard