Phillip Griglio

COBRA Company 5/67
[email protected]


I spent only about a week in the 101st, the last 4 days with “C” co, 1/327th. Wounded twice on May 29th in a heavy fire fight. I remember the hills were labeled around 825 meters on the platoon map. The first night I spent in an abandoned VC/NVA base camp. We captured a couple five gallon tin containers of documents. 2 days later around noon made contact with the NVA on a ridge, just up from a clear saddle. Hit twice from a small machine gun after my platoon Sgt. placed me in a fire zone. Didn’t realize it until they detected me. Guy next to me took a round thru the head. Three of us were being positioned there but the 2nd guy was dead before he took two steps. Small chance anyone will remember this event. Please email any info…… [email protected]

Ft Bragg, NC after returning from hospital in Japan.  Approximately end of September 1967.