Walter Jackson

COBRA/TIGER FORCE Companies ’67/’69 
ECHO Company 2/327 ’69
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I was in C co 1/327 from July 67 thru July 68. Quite a Year. Tiger Force from November of 68 thru Feb 69 and with the Hawks from May of 69 thru August 1969. Superb units each! Went back for a third tour in 1971 with the 173rd Airborne Brigade. Was glad to see them reactivated.

2nd Platoon Cco 1/327 July 1967 thru June 1968. Gary (Hillbilly) Jones and I were wounded by a boobytrap on the 23rd of February 1968 just after we moved north from Song Be.  I spent two months at Tripler Army Hospital in Hawaii and returned to C co and finished my tour with the Cutthroats.  I currently reside in Boise, Idaho and have been here since I retired from the Army on 1 January 1991.  Enjoying my three grandkids now!  I also served in the Tiger Force and the Hawk Recon Platoon during the 25 Months I spent with the 101st Airborne Division. July 10th 1967 thru August 10th 1969.