David Estes Photos


Pictures were submitted by
David Estes

March – August 1971, Delta Company

bob_pulaskiBob Pulaski from Ladysmith Wisconsin.
My best friend. Died on Firebase Bastogne
3 Aug 71 in a landmine explosion.
Taught me how to stay alive in the jungle.
Close as a brother.

jerry_davidJerry Woodard from California and gunner
with me after Bob’s death.

buddha2“Firebase Buddha.” Located off of FB
Birmingham in support of Lam Son 719.

bob_turtleFront: Steve Miklazewski, Gary Lawton
Back: Bob Miklavitz, Don Beaumont,
Bob Pulaski (with turtle)

ruckup2Ruck up! Assembling in Delta
Company area before CA.

david_phyllis_georgeMiss America 1971 Phyllis George
with David Estes