Delta Photos in the Past


Pictures were submitted by
Andy Roy, John Hargett, & Michael Moreno

roy_3rd_platoon3rd Plt. D/1/327th 101st ABN
Left to right Roy, Rodreques #1, Sage,
?, Dole

roy_bach_maOn the right is “Little Rodriques”,
second from right is Randy Lundy.
Bach Ma in the background

roy_rainAndy Roy running through the rain

doc-LeftyDoc Lefty

roy_1969Andy Roy 1969
Who da man

rodriques#1 (Big) Rodriques
Phu Loc

dole_jonesRight to left Dole, Jones, House Mamasan,
“Chicken” & Sage sitting.

morenoMike Moreno


lundy_barronsRight to Left Lundy, Barrons, ?

randy_lundyRandy Lundy Phu Loc

soda_girl3rd Platoon Soda Girl