Don Matthews

DELTA Company ’71
[email protected]


I was a voice intercept operator with the 265th Radio Research Company. I was attached to platoons from both battalions at various times in 1971. I was with a company of 1-327 on the CA to the FB Fury AO on 14 April ’71. I was with a platoon from D/1-327 in late August/early September on the Dong A Tay (Bloody Ridge) complex. During this op, I found a battalion from the NVA 6th Regiment that was subsequently made combat ineffective with tac-air and an Arc-light. I’m most proud of my time supporting the 327th.

don_matthewsThis photo was taken on Co Pung, at the north end of the valley about 3 klicks NE of FB Airborne, in May ’71. I’m copying an NVA radio operator from our position in an old NVA tunnel dug into the side of the hill.