Richard King

DELTA/HEADQUARTERS Companies ’70/’71
[email protected]


I left VN in late May ’71. Was a Sp/5 when I Deros’d.

I was a Combat Medic, HHC,  assigned to D Co, 1/327th Inf, 101st Abn. (Airmobile). The Med Platoon was in HHC 1/327, which worked to our disadvantage: the Div policy was to allocate promotions to the line units first and it was difficult to make Sp/4 in HHC. They thought most in HHC were ‘REMFs’, so I had to wait several mos. to promote (I could use the extra money-the rank itself was unimportant).

After I made E-4, it was relatively easy to make E-5 because it was a promotion where I went before a ‘board’ and had an interview and my time in the field and decorations (CMB, Air Medal, etc) gave me a lot of ‘points’ toward promotion.

I was a draftee and was discharged after only 19 mos. service since I got a 5 mos. ‘drop’, when I came home.

Since then, I’ve worked 35+ yrs for the State of WA. My service experience helped me qualify for my job.

I am married, wife: Sharon, w/ a stepson and daughter-in-law.  one grandson, age 22 mos.

I am semi-retired: work a few hrs a week, helping at my old job site.

Thanks for asking:  it brings back a lot of memories!