Donald R. Wilkins

ECHO Company ’71
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My father was a proud Screaming Eagle until his death of lung cancer in April 2012. He was stationed on FSB Birmingham during his time in Vietnam but was actually injured in a mortar attack on Camp Eagle and medevac’ed to Japan before being transferred to the US. The attached photo is of him shortly after receiving the Combat Infantryman’s Badge in 1971.

Donald Robert Wilkins – from Savannah, Georgia. I am not aware of any nicknames that he may have had in country. I believe he was a buck Sgt. at the time. He was in Vietnam in 1971. He described operations in the A Shau valley and his participation in Operation Lam Son 719 (I think also called Operation Dewey Canyon ??)..but I am not sure that those stories would be helpful for anyone to identify him. He was injured at Camp Eagle and never made it back to FSB Birmingham because he was medevac’ed directly out from Eagle to Khe San (?) and then to Japan. He didnt receive his Purple Heart until about 2 years ago….after a clerk at the base he was medevac’ed to in the US found sufficient paperwork for the Army to award him his medal.  He had never spoken to anyone on Birmingham after his injury.  I THINK I remember his Platoon Leader was named Lt. JOHNSON (?? but i am not completely sure of this).