Pictures FromThe Past


Pictures were submitted by
Leon Flecther, Curt Bowers, Jack Sites

flectcher_boonie_rideLeon Flecther heading for the
boonies in Kontum


bowers_harleeChaplain Harlee and Chaplain Bowers

bowers_alexanderChaplain Bowers & Chaplain Alexander
who was with the 1/502



captured_weapons-1Captured Weapons

commard_bunker_at_eagleCommand Bunker @ Eagle

cpt_peckCaptain. Peck
Reopening Firebase Fury

flectcher_easter_basketLeon Fletcher in his cups and carring a
Easter basket, why, we don’t know.

hhq_guys327th HHQ people

vc_interrogation“Interrogating VC prisoner with sandbag
over his head”

ltc_hilbertLTC Hilbert & Red

sites_bunkerJack Sites’ Bunker