Dave Gratton

TIGER FORCE LRRP Companies ’65/’66
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I served with the 1st 327th Inf. Bn. from December 1965 until May of 1966 as battalion radio operator.  I joined Tiger Force in May 1966 and served with them until I got my orders to go back to the world in December 1966.

I was in Sgt. Christian “Frenchy” Girard’s squad along with Doc Deffenbaugh, Danny Wanamaker, Bucky Burrus, and Jacobs. I remember SSGT John Holbrook, Sgt. Rose, and Jimmy “Gimme Point” Clark. I was the squads RTO and M-79 man.

After my tour of duty with the 101st I was assigned to 3rd Special Forces Group at Fort Bragg. I volunteered for SF in February 1967 and graduated August 1967. I was assigned to Company B, Team A-26.

A note of remembrance……….. SSGT Christian “Frenchy” Girard was killed in action April 1969 while guiding troop ships into a “Hot LZ” in Cambodia. Rest In Peace Bro
Dave Gratton