Johnny Neil Eutsler

Tiger Force 1969



My name is Mark Aderhold, I was a medic in the A-Shau valley with the Tigers in July of 1969. We spent about 10 days there and Lieutenant Johnny Eustler, or Hawk as I called him, was my platoon leader or in a recon company such as ours, a company commander.

He was a very fine young man and very dedicated and brave. He had gotten some shrapnel in his head and I had tried for days to get him to go to the rear for surgery. He would have no part of it.

Like another super soldier we were both friends with (John Gertsch) he was killed in the valley, about July 17th give or take a few days. It’s been 34+ years you know, my memory of the date isn’t exact. But he died charging a few gooks who were hidden behind some trees and had ambushed us as we set up for the night.

Any of the 1/327th Tigers of that era would probably remember Johnny. He was certainly a good friend of mine. I cried when both John Eustler and John Gertsch died. I was the medic but high velocity rounds leave a man little hope when the area struck is the chest.

Mark Aderhold