Martin Jeppeson

TIGER FORCE Company 4/67-1/68
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I enlisted February ’66, and sailed from Oakland 12/27/66 to Cam Ranh Bay. Joined the 1st Bde MP platoon around March/April ’67, and joined the Tigers soon after with three others, (Sullivan, Edwards & McDonald). Picture above was taken somewhere near Chu Lai.

Left in January ’68 for an extension tour in Soc Trang in the Delta as a gunner on a UH1 gunship, (see bird below.) until being Medevac to the states in April ’68. Subsequent tour as an advisor in Quang Ngai Province, retired as a LTC (SF Branch) in 1990. Now a Safety Director for a non-profit agricultural cooperative in Stockton CA. My short time with the Tiger Force was truly memorable because of the quality of the people we had, far superior to the troops I met in ’71 over there, or looked after at Ft. Carson as the war was winding down in ’72 and ’73.