Maurice Steven Hoult




Maurice Steven Hoult or Steven as he was known, passed on to his well earned reward of a better life on November 29, 2017. He will be remembered by his peers that served with him in the Army 82nd Airborne and the 101st Airborne that he so honorably and proudly served.

Great appreciation goes out to Ken Kesinger, a loyal friend for sharing Steve’s information.

I did not know Steve while in country. Steve was given the name Hardrock by the “Tiger Force”.

Steve and I met after in civilian life, I lived in Danville at the time, He had heard that I
was with the 101st and came by to see me and that started one hell of a great relationship for me to know someone that had walk down some of the same trails as I. We never spoke much of about our experiences, because it showed, We both had the shakes and were as jumpy as a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs. I have learned more about Steve while researching than I ever did while we were running together.
I still haven’t learned how to co exist with the civilians but there again I was having trouble with the service also. When it got time for me to re-enlist I was told to get out with my rank or stay in and loose a stripe because of my actions. Such is life.       NFS     KLK