Robert W. Ledbetter

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I was in Vietnam from July of 1967 to July 1968, I joined SGT. Lee’s team, Lee put me in for Sgt. before he left. I then joined Sgt. Collins team, I was just behind him when he was killed, he was just about to go on R and R when I joined the Tigers.

We were in Chu Lie and I was shot in the right arm, I left the field for 28 days, then right back to Tiger Force. I was there when-Green,Varney, Ingram, Sgt. Collins, and Capt. Mcgaha, were killed. I was getting my right arm taken care of, when King was killed, two other men were killed then, I can’t remember there names.

There was also another man that died of his wounds,the same day Capt. Mcgaha was killed, they pulled him up to a chopper, he died later. SSGT. Haugh was also killed with a line company. He was in trouble with a officer, I think his a was first LT. I remember I didn’t like him either.

I was shot on the 29th of Sept. 1967.when I came back to the states, they sent me to the 82nd. I got out of the army in Jan. of 1969.