Dan Clint Photos


Pictures were contributed by Dan Clint

clint_1_lgDan Clint, apparently on some
firebase, not sure which one.

clint_2_lgI took this photo holding the
Kodak at arms length of myself.
Brings back a few memories eh?

clint_3_lgThis is me with the Prc-6 radio.
I was really putting on the pounds
in those days. It must have been
the quality of the food.

clint_4_lgHarold Fischer, Tiger Force medic
and friend, on the right,
Dan Clint, shirtless on the left.
We were in the jungles,
had rained the night
before. Shortly after the picture
was taken some cherry panicked and
shot up the bushes
sending us all for cover.

clint_5_lgThis is Jeppesen, (Martin Jeppesen
or “Jeep” as we knew him,
the machine gunner for a while.
The guys in the back are an
interesting look.
Jeppesen is the one who took
the photo of Fischer and I.

clint_6_lgThe guy on the far right top
is the guy who had captured the p-38.
To his right is Rion Causey,
and the guy with 1/2 of his
face cut out of this photo,
I believe was Davis.