Don “Doc Magoo” Ackerman Photos


Pictures were submitted by Don “Doc Magoo” Ackerman

roy_augustus_1Roy Agosta ABU ’67-’69

doc_ski_2Jan “Doc Ski” Kaczmarski

doc_holidayAlan S. McClintock
“Doc Holiday” “68-’69

jeff_paige-1Jeff Paige
Tigers/L Company Rangers ’69-’70

battalion_aide_jeepBattalion Aide Jeep

abu_recon_squadABU Recon Squad

medics_1Medics and PIO ’68 or ’69

medics_2Medics ’68 or ’69

doc_magoo_tiger_medicDoc Magoo Treating patient out of aid bag

magoo_aid_stationDoc Walker & Doc Magoo
Two medics (friends then & now thanks to the web site) taken at Roy about 3/69