Tiger Force Photos


tiger_groupFront Row: L to R red hair-Geothe, 2nd from left-In beret-Sgt. Page
center – winking – Riddle extreme Right – boonie hat – Chris Elledge
Second Row: L to R, “Hook em Horns”-Sgt. Lane, Beret Bob Campos-boonie hat,
Roy “Zeke” Blevins beret Ray Wynn
Rear Row: L to R T. J. “Mac” McGinley, SSG. John G. Gertsch, CMH (P)
Hank “Doc” Ortega Lew Legat

tiger_group_67_68This group photo contributed by Dan Clint.

uh1gunshipThis photo contributed by Dan Clint.

tiger_group_dave_grattonThis picture was taken in Dak To in June ’66
and was contributed by Dave Gratton

Dave Gratton center, first row,
Doc Deffenbaugh
is with the guitar, back left,
and Danny Wanamaker is
third back row right.
Danny was killed on July 22, 1966
while we were on patrol. He stepped
on an old French Anti-Tank mine.
I don’t remember the rest of the
guys names.