A Company ’66 – ’67

pictures by John Gifford

1sg(1)1SG Raider during a village sweep. He was one helluva man!


Third platoon. I think this was Phang Rang. Gads, it was a long time ago!
42 years ago.

3rdplt_patrol3rd plt (A/2/327th Inf) on patrol. Early ’67

break_timeBreak time. 3rd plt (A/2/327th) ’67

boxingScrewing around while waiting to move base camp to Kontum.

kontumWaiting to move base camp to Kontum.

fergusonCPT Furgeson during one of our pig-outs! Tuy Hoa or Phang Rang ’66

medic2Waiting to move to Kontum. The trooper in the middle was a medic. Anyone remember his name?

mortar_pltMortar platoon. 66-67

ncosI have no idea who took this picture, but it’s a great photo of the officers and senior NCOs in 2/327th 66-67.

zippoClearing a ville somewhere around Phang Rang. ’66

westy2Gen. Westmoreland, our battalion CO and the author John Steinbeck in Kontum.

steinbeck2Our battalion CO (middle) and Steinbeck.

steinbeckThe author John Steinbeck visiting the 2/327th in the French barracks in Kontum.

tuy_hoa2Tuy Hoa ’66


Taken in Phang Rang, I think. I don’t remember his name, but he was KIA’d the very next day when we went to field. I think this was the last picture taken of him. Does anyone remember his name? I would love to get a copy to his surviving family.