Dennis Sheridan

B & A Companies 1969 – 1970
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Nam Oct ’69 to December 14th ’70 – 2/327th. Oct ’69 to Dec ’69 3d platoon leader B Co. and Dec ’69 to Mar ’70 2nd platoon leader A Co. Co A CO (a story in itself) and XO, Bn Support Platoon Leader-left Nam in December of ’70 and went to Ft Bragg 5th SF Group (I got my prefix 3 in ’69 before I went to Nam) became a O-3 and ran a A-Team with underwater operation specialty, left the service in Mar ’72. I never jumped but I have been pushed out enough to have qualified and worn the wings, the easiest jump was a water jump with scuba gear.

sheridanDennis Sheridan on FSB Tomahawk

sheridan1Morning after a successful firefight. Good guys 4 – bad guys 0

sherridan_armytimesLt Dennis Sheridan April 1970

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