Frank Seeman

A Company 1969 – 1970
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Dates in country 7/21/69 to 7/20/70. I was sent to the 9th INF. Apr. of 70. Ran convoys into the Parrot’s Beak area of Cambodia. I was sent there with Smithy. I believe his first name was Lyle. We started Basic together, AIT and 2/327 2nd platoon together. We were even together for a short while at FT Carson. Lost contact with him there.

seemanFrank enjoying one of the GI delicacies, either pork or beef slice slow roasted over C4 on the point of a bayonet, somewhere around Nuoc Ngot Vil winter 1970.

seeman_phu_loc69Frank, Phu Loc – 1969

seeman12.69Frank with the Christmas tree his Aunt sent to him. I think it was taken 12/23-24/69 at Camp Eagle. Next day we were back on Bush for Christmas. Frank is in the center on his left is Jerry Palmer and Jack Ponson, on his right is George THE BEAR Tolsty.