Gerald F. Pelzmann

A Company 1968



Lt. Pelzmann, you were my first platoon leader in Viet Nam and I will never forget your heroism and personnel bravery on Feb. 5, 1968. I had only been in the third platoon for 4 weeks but during that time you were a inspiration to me as a very young and not very expeirienced P.F.C. who definitely hung onto your coattails my first few days in the platoon C.P. I truly hope that your loved ones knew what a good man you were while you served in R.V.N. and that you will never be forgotten by those who served with you in A Co., 3rd Platoon, 2/327th Inf. and you will never be forgotten by the men of the 1st Brigade, 101st Airborne……

No Slack Sir, Welcome Home.

Joe Berry