James D. Dozier (Doze)

A Company 1966 – 1967
[email protected]

Did not earn any awards in Nam, was too high strung for my Plt Sgt’s and CO that would be 1Sgt Rader and Cpt Ferguson, good people though.

These were my brothers in arms!

Sgt Bierowski close friend, he liked his country music, RIP. SP4 Cottin, a fearless medic, tried to lay down field of fire for him but it didn’t work RIP. PFC’s Hinton, Mcllwee, Mooney, Hall, Sornson, Whiting and Wilson, RIP. These were my comrades, young just out of jump school, gun ho, ready for a fight, and they brought it to Charlie those days in Jun of 66. So sorry their lives were cut short!


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