Leo D. Harris

A Company 1969 – 1970
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I was drafted after completing two years of college in May 1968.  Basic training was completed at Ft. Knox, KY, then I was sent to Infantry AIT at Ft. Gordon, GA. After AIT, I completed basic Jump School and Non-Commissioned Officer’s School at Ft. Benning, GA. I completed my NCO OJT at Ft. McClellan, AL and then received orders to head to Nam arriving in May 1969 where I was assigned to Alpha Company 2/327 Infantry 101st Airborne Division – NO SLACK!

After getting squared away at Camp Eagle for a couple of days, I got my first real taste of the infantry humpin’ in the A Shau Valley for the next several months. Of course, our units stayed in that AO until the monsoon season was upon us. When we left the A Shau, the Company was assigned to the Phu Bai region to patrol and ambush. I was a Team Leader, Squad Leader, and for a short time Platoon Leader. I was awarded a CIB. I left country in mid-April 1970 returning to the World and college. I had the honor of serving with so many great men!

A few years after college, I finally settled into a career within the coal mining industry in WV, KY, PA, WY and VA. I retired in 2013. Currently, I am President of a small human resources consulting firm. I have become an avid fly fisherman. I am active in my local VFW post and currently serve as Assistant Program Lead for our newly organized southwest Virginia Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing chapter.

I have a great wife, great friends and 3 special grandkids. I still keep in touch with several Viet Nam veterans I served with and a couple that I trained with. I plan on attending my first A –  2/327 Infantry reunion at the end of this month. Life is good.

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