Mouse Photos from ’70

photos courtsey of Art Pappas

001aBarney Barnes – Donut Dolly – ???
FSB Los Banos

001bSgt Hellings – ??? – Biondini? – Johnny Tobin FSB Los Banos

001cSgt Mouse Hammond – Sgt Roger Roy
Camp Eagle stand down

002aBarry Barnes – Mouse – Sgt Hellings
Camp Eagle stand down USO show

002bSgt Hellings
Camp Eagle stand

002cLT Art Pappas
Camp Eagle stand down USO show

002dBarry Barnes – Mouse
Camp Eagle stand down USO show

003cArt Pappas rucked up

003bNicholson – Art Pappas

003dArt Pappas

004aJohnny Tobin

004bKC Scout Kai – Clem – Mouse Hammond with some captured VC booty

004cSgt Cox? – Art Pappas – Barney checking our position

004d1st plt day pause position

004eKai – Mac McWhirter

004funknown brass

005aLT Pappas

005bcaptured NVS soldier

005cLT Pappas’ ruck & boots

005eMarion “Mouse” Hammond

005fthe Chaplain

003aArt Pappas

005dSome of the misfits of A Co 1st plt (Mac, Schlappi, ???, Mouse, ???, Roy, Lt Pappas, ???, ???