Ray Sellers

A Company 1970 – 1971
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Served with Company A, 2nd Bn 327th Nov ’70 – Nov ’71. I entered country 9 Nov ’70, did SERTS and on Thanksgiving Day, as Co. A was expecting a promised turkey dinner in the lowlands just off of Los Banos, the slick came in to the secured LZ and out I jumped. What a treat I was to those hungry vets humpin’ the boonies. Well, that was my entrance to the world of walking across I Corps. It seemed a lot better than the night I spent on Los Banos, which was rocketed and mortared all night amid the flurry of medevacs and ammo runs. Yeh, what an exciting time.

1st Team, 1st Platoon, Co A, 2nd Bn. 327th Inf, 101st Airborne Division Nov70-Nov71

sellersRay on FSB Birmingham

troublemakerPicture of the patch I wear today, which I wore in nam in 1970\1971. It must be pretty rare now, but at Kokomo reunions I usually am greeted by one or two guys each year who recall it or take notice of it.