Raymond Eddie Benson

A Company 1967



When the 1st Bde deployed to RSVN in ’65, 2/327’s watchwords were “Second to None.” In July’s column I wrote that the “No Slack” motto was Col. Mel Garten’s creation when he assumed command in early ’66. (I think I read that in Hackworth’s About Face-talk about passing the buck). Well, I was called by none other than “The Wild Gypsy” himself, Col. Joe Wasco, who set my ass straight. He succeeded Col. Mel as 2/327 C.O. and the motto came from the ranks and was the favorite expression of a popular and brave HQ Company NCO then an SFC, and “No Slack” summarized his military philosophy.

It was 1st Sgt Raymond Benson, A 2/327 stalwart KIA 23 Apr. ’67 who bequeathed the 2/327 with a new credo.

If you been taking your ginko you recall my earlier mention of Ray Benson and the fact that his son is seeking his Dad’s No Slack comrades. Col. Wasco told me that “once while I was away from the battalion, Ray, an E-7, went out and found himself a 1st Sgt’s job” to Joe’s chagrin, as he needed Benson right where he was. It was in that capacity that Ray died in a Military aircraft incident.”

Contact me for info about Ray Benson, Jr.’s address if you remember 1st Sgt Benson or the event and thanks to Col. Wasco for squaring me away.

Dave Cook – [email protected]