Tom B. Swann

A, B & E Companies 1968 – 1969
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                                  Middle – Tom Swann

I attended jump school in April of 1967. I was assigned to the 82nd Airborne Division after jump school. In November 1967 received orders for 101st in RVN.

After arriving in RVN (January 13, 1968 – January 11, 1969) I went through P-Training at Phan Rang. Went to Song Be to get my equipment then to unit. Initially assigned to A or B company as a team leader in a rifle platoon. We went to FB Birmingham which was a jumping off point to go open FB Bastogne. As we left Birmingham one of the companies, A or B walked into an ambush. After the fire fight A and B companies had to combine due to the losses. At that point I became an RTO for the commander. While proceeding to Bastogne w/ tanks and personnel carriers we had to pull off the road to get fuel. We pulled off into a nest of spider holes and had a hellacious fire fight.

After several months I was moved to the recoiless rifle section. Then sent to rear as an armorer during a hardship issue. Then out to mortar platoon. Left from here to return to states and back to the 82nd. ETS’d from Army 3 November, 1969.

Joined the NC National Guard in 1972. Went to OCS and commissioned a 2Lt. Went to FT Benning for Infantry Officer Basic Course in 1975. Assigned as a Mech Infantry Platoon Leader. In 1979 I was selected for Initial Entry Rotary Wing training at FT Rucker. After graduation I was assigned as a Scout Platoon Leader in an attack company. In 1985 I was selected to go on active duty as an Active Duty Guard/Reservist. I served in an Apache Attack Battalion as an HHC commander, Assistant S-3 and S-4. I was awarded the Senior Aviator Wings.

In 1996 I retired from active duty as a Major.