Vincent A. Payne (Vinny)

A Company 1970 – 1971
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I was sent from the 4th Inf. 1/12  to the 2/327 at the end of Nov. 1970 . I was placed in  A company and was in the field with the unit until our S-3 pulled me out in June. I was sent  to handle all the air support for the 3rd A.R.V. Division on Fire-Base T-Bone, which protected the city of Hue. I was the head R.T.O. for my Platoon under Lt. Bill Litwin and then Lt. Bradshaw.  I did not go to jump school.   I took basic training at Ft. Campbell,  Kentucky March 2, 1970- April 1970 and then Ft. Polk ( North FT. ) from  May 1970- July 3 1970.  On July 28, 1970 I landed in Vietnam. If my not being Airborne from Ft. Campbell is a problem for the other members I understand, we were called air mobile. I am extremely proud of having served with 2/327 and the No Slack Battalion and the Always First Platoon.