“Yankee Jim” Simchera

A Company 1969 – 1970
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“Yankee Jim” Simchera. Spouse, Patti. Daughter, Vanessa. Grandson, Andrew. Originally from Saddle Brook, N.J. Now living in the Florida Panhandle. Served with 2nd Platoon, A Co. 2/327th Sept. 69-70.

"Yankee Jim" Simchera

"Yankee Jim" SimcheraFire Base Los Banos 1970

"Yankee Jim" SimcheraTonight my little buddy, YOU take up the point!

"Yankee Jim" SimcheraNuoc Ngot just outside Fire Base Tomahawk

"Yankee Jim" SimcheraLOH crash while trying to explode a 500 lb bomb

"Yankee Jim" SimcheraYankee Jim with his long rifle

"Yankee Jim" SimcheraI still think that this was the oldest 60 in Nam. Wish that duct tape was invented then. I would have used it to hold the Buttstock on. Oh this baby could sing, even as old as she was. She must have come over on the boat.