Albert C. Myers

B Company 1967



Al Myers, was the kind of soldier, who if you couldn’t see him, you would never know he was there. He never complained or griped about our conditions, or his load. Al wanted to learn as much as he could as quick as he could, and be the best soldier he could be. Al was quickly judged, ” a serious guy, you could trust ” and an asset to the squad. We lost Al on Feb. 2nd 1967, during a firefight in that “Hell on Earth” place called Song Mau. Al was hit in the top of his shoulder as he lay in the prone position between Ron Paulsgrove and myself, returning fire on the enemy, and as usual had little to say, except “I think I’ve been hit”. Al had only been with us for a few weeks, but his death hit us all very hard, and in the end, Al, had become the” teacher” and we, the “students”. He asked us for a drink of water and to recite the “Lords Prayer” with him, which we did. It sounds like something from a movie, but thats the way it was. Al was a real class act.

— Jim Wilson