B Company Photos – 1967

Bravo Company – Platoon pictures 1967

 3rd Platoon, Tuy Hoa, ’67

b_co_plt3Top Row – L/R: Grover Washington, Morgan Ensminger, Randy Brook, John Peperi, James Haub, Junior Walker, Thomas Cook, Frank Norris, Lumas Ward, Leslie Hendricks, David Mongold.
Middle Row – L/R: Keith Smith, Henry Mise, Jesse Ramey, Russell McBain, Tim Voegtle, Robert Russell, Sgt. Jones.
Bottom Row – L/R: SSG Hudson, SSG Osiris Melendez, Lt. Larry Boecklen, SFC Jack Short, SGT Kenneth Spurrier, SSG Frederick Tregaskes.
Missing are Milo Cadotte (on R & R) Wallis Currie and Paul Nance who just left for home.

Thanksgiving, Phan Rang, 1967

b2327_lg67Back Row: (L to R) ‘Lightin’ Beamon, Mize, (Top Cat) Sgt. Ray Williams, Pat Sassy, ‘Flip’ Iden(?), Sgt. Reno, ‘Breed’ Lackey, Sgt. Ashley, Sgt. Delo, Wiley, Eric Johnson (KIA).
Middle Row: (L to R) ‘Buckshot’ Haddix, ‘Cajun’ Foret, ‘Little John’ Summerfield, Sgt. Ramsey, ‘Cheese’ Bergen, Guaran, Rudolf, ‘Doc’, Benny, Sgt. Quintana, Burns.
Kneeling: (L to R) ‘Ace Hunter’ 1st Lt. Lopez, ?, McKenneth, ‘Tiny’ SSG. Nelson, Baker, ‘Poncho’ Vasquez, Whitfield, ‘Lobo’ SSG Galagois(?) (KIA).

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b_co_guitarLt. Cecil Kiilehua (on guitar) – Savage Surfer, Lt. Al Jonsen (Thor), Lt. Larry Boecklen (Grey Ghost), Capt. Ray Millard (Green Hornet) & Lt. Carolos (Corky) Boswell (Tumbleweed)

b2327nvaflags1st Platoon Lt’s Jim Joiner and Corky Boswell. Doug Fields took this shot. Seems like Spider Jim Wilson knows something about this, eh Jim

b_co_prayer Lt. Larry Boecklen

tregaskes-2SSG Fred Tregaskes in one of his “cool” poses

wilson_caldwellL/R Jim Wilson & Don Caldwell

young-2George Young

paulsgrove-2Ron Paulsgrove

b2327signCompany Sign

claypoole-2Kenny Claypool

b_co_booniesTop left and on the right,
Robert Russell. David Sullivan
standing behind his left shoulder

boecklen_grp1Grey Ghost & troops

boecklen_grpGrey Ghost & troops

b2327lstLST trip from Phan Rang up to Chu Lai, the first week of May 1967

b2327grp_67LST trip from Phan Rang up to Chu Lai, the first week of May 1967