Billie G. Bundage

B Company 1968 – 1969
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My MOS was 36K, Communications Specialist attached to Company B, 2nd Battallion, 327th Infantry in April 1968. My duties were to string wire from bunker to bunker and man the switchboard. I was then given the duty of radio operator for an officer on patrol in the Ashau Valley. After the first big fire fight in June 1968, we had very few men left in the plattoon and no replacements. I was ordered to give up my radio and was handed an M-16 and told that I was the new point man. I had no experiance as an Infantry soldier, but quickly learned the ropes. I became best friends with a Screaming Eagle named Bennie “Bemore” Dreher from Baltimore and he became my slack man and vice versa. We walked point and slack in the Ashau Valley for over 6 months without an incident. Each time we walked drag, all hell broke loose up front. “Bemore” eventually received a Purple Heart in a fire fight while B Company was providing bridge security on a road. I was promoted to Sgt. E-5 and my MOS changed to 11B40 Lt Weapons Infantryman. I received the following commendations: CIB, NDSM, ARCOM, VSM/BSS, RVNCM/dev 60, MKM Quaz Badge. My last duty station was Fort Sills, Oklahoma with Company A, 4th Battallion (M) 30th Infantry playing war games with new boots and OCS Candidates. I am so glad you guys found me because I have been trying for over 40 years to find someone from my unit in Vietnam. I located my friend Bennie “Bemore” Dreher last year living in Annapolis, Maryland. We are meeting for the first time in August 2012.

Thanks for all your help

Billie “Cowboy” Bundage