Frank C. Norris III

B Company 1966 – 1967


2nd squad, 3rd platoon, B Co. 2/327 9-66 Tuy Hoa to 9-67 Chu Lai C Co. 2/505 3rd Brigade 82nd Feb 68 to Aug 68 Hue Phu-Bai
It saddens us to post that Frank passed away on Sun. Oct 17, 2004 due to his cancer. He was our brother will be greatly missed by all. Please pray for Frank’s family and fiance’, Janie.




“Arlington Spring”

Row & row as far as you can see
A lot of men just the same as you and me
Very still, they’re all at rest
For them now; it is their best
Wind blows & green grass grows
Trees shade & birds sing
It’s like a park so fresh in spring
Crisp white crosses all do stand
Such a little for each great man
Who drew the line between them & me
It’s something that I’ll never see
I’m standing here & know well why
I’m almost guilty that I didn’t die

” Inside A Hero”

That uniform you wear with pride
Leaves you feeling good inside
And like the gallant knight before
You’ll go marching off to war
Visions of that gallant type
You don’t consider it might take your life
You run and shoot through shot and shell
And secretly enjoy that hell
You crash thru brush and fight your way
Or steal along some trail all day
You kill and maim and cause such strife
But it’s just a day in a hero’s life
Through mud and slime and filth and gore
You treat each day as the one before
To yourself you know you’ve lied
Not admitting many freinds have died
Their deaths were a horrible sight to see
But you’ll smile and say “better him than me”
Then at last when night comes by
You sit alone in quiet; ….. and cry

“Nothing Else Matters”

Antiseptic barracks shine
Housing souls all in a line
Polished floors; an ordered mess
The melting pot at dress right dress
Whistles screaming, bugles blown
Sun is rising, dreams have flown
Or maybe not for in first light
A reread letter received last night
Plunge out in the dewy morn
A million men and all forlorn
The sadness of a common plight
Could easily cause a man to fight
Not to question or reason why
To stay alive and not to die
Straining eyes in faling light
To read the letter received last night ….