Jim Buckley

B Company 1968 – 1969
[email protected]


I was 327th in Jan 68 – Jan 69 with Charlie Company – boonies all the way. I got a chance to see Saigon while back in Bien Hoa for NCO training and was so excited and so taken by the “life” there that I extended and was placed with the 716th MP’s in Cholon/Saigon from Mar 69 – Aug 69 … an MP in Saigon in just under God (or is it Buhdda) – what ever :)) tried to extend again for 716th to get an early out but they declined and sent me back to the”real shit” – regular in-country Army – Fort Meade Maryland, 9 miles (I think) from DC – man that was tough for me – shine this and that, fold it all just right, keep the bunk tight, footlocker perfect – man what BS after doing daily humping then hit’n some shit where we heated those weapons like crazy!! LOVED it, HATED it, but I’d do it AGAIN in a heartbeat!! I am sure glad to hear from you and THANKS FOR THE HOOKUPs.