Ken Gow Photos

Photos from Ken Gow

chow_timeTaking time for Chow – L to R: K Gow, SSG Wayne Foster, “Schoolteacher”, “Apache”. Since I was squad RTO, I always had to have that PRC 25 hanging off me to monitor any traffic.

gow_tomahawkFSB Tomahawk somewhere

hwy_1I remember this was taken at our
CP along Highway 1 under FSB Tomahawk

standdown_69This was posed at Camp Eagle
during a 3 day standdown in 1969

nuoc_ngotSomewhere in the area of Nuoc Ngot at our day site. We were conducting nightly squad sized ambush patrols in the area, probably early ’70

near_hueSummer 1970 from the bunker pulling guard duty in the city of Hue
along the Perfume River. Notice on the “table”, 2 firing devices for Claymores
and a M72 LAW standing by for GP!

break3I took this pic along some mountain trail during a “take 5”! L to R (No names): Our Redleg Forward Observer, Apache, and Winnie

squad_shotCamp Eagle. Back Row L to R: Colorado with M79, Ed SooHoo, Bruce ? (Squad Ldr), Meachum? Front: Myself (KGow), and ??? I felt I should censor the poster, which colorfully proclaimed our distaste for communism!

squad_tomahawkJan 1970 under FSB Tomahawk.
Part of the squad with captured AK47 Rifles: L to R: LT, K Gow, L Rasmussen, ?, ?, “Colorado”. The owners of the rifles were cropped out of this picture

b_co_camp_eagleB Company Area, Camp Eagle in Thua Thien Province South Vietnam 1969