Ken Gow

B Company 1969 – 1970
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Hi. It was great to see the pictures of FSB Roy and Los Banos. I was also on FSB Tomahawk. Co B 2/327th Sept 1969-Sept 1970. Never did get hold of a camera during my tour and I haven’t seen the AO since I was there. The pictures are great!

Ken Gow Binghamton, NY

gow2Ken at Camp Eagle

3pltb232770Back row l to r: 1 White, 2 Colorado, 3 Tennessee, 4 Schoolteacher, 5 Clem, 6 Sgt Grimes
Frt row l to r: 1 Meachum?, 2 Ken Gow, 3 Apache, 4 Paul Hendrix (Vegas), 5 Ssg Wayne Foster, 6 ???

gowThis picture was taken by Ken at Camp Eagle, probably late 1969. The view behind the guys is up a slight grade, I believe the Mess Hall is the building at the top left hand side with only the roof showing.
Names as far as I can remember: Back row, left to right: 1 Lt ???, 2 Ramirez, 3 ???, 4 ???, . Front row l to r: 1 Billy England (Tennessee), 2 Larry Rasmussen (Wisconsin or Minn?), 3 Paul Hendrix (Las Vegas).

gow1This was taken late November 1969, down around Nuoc Ngot I believe. That’s me on the right with my PRC25 (Squad RTO) handing the horn to my squad leader whose name was Bruce something or other.

gow_letterThis from my young nephew, was one of
my most favorite letters from home (1970)