Kenny Claypoole

B Company 1966 – 1967
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Just wanted to let everyone know who knew or served with Ken Claypoole, in the 101st or the 82nd Airborne, that he passed away yesterday (3-31-12) at about 3:15 pacific time. Ken was in the Sutter General Hospital in sacramento when he passed.

He is survived by his wife Ruth and his son Ken junior and granddaughter Kienna, and a host of friends in the Sacramento area. Ken served in B/2/327 from October of 1966 till June 27th 1967, when he was severly wounded during operations near Duc Pho, when our squad was involved in an ambush, that took nearly half the squad that day.

He was originally in second platoon, but was selected for assignment to B-company’s recon squad called the “Spiders” and finished out his time with B company there until he was medi-vaced to Japan to recover from his wounds. He returned to Viet Nam with the 82nd ABN. DIV. while assigned to the 17th Cav in late 68, and finished out his enlistment with the 82nd.

Ken was one of the best soldiers I served with and one of the toughest men I ever knew. He carried the M-79 and was very expert in it’s use, he had one of the best personalitys in the company and was a friend to all who knew him, also a real prankster who could liven up any situation and make the day a little better when we needed a lift. He could also try your patience with his antics, but I could not imagine not having him in my squad, or in my life, and I’m sure any one who served with him would say the same thing, he was one of a kind.

So if you are a mind to, say a prayer or lift a glass in rememberence of this old paratrooper, who did his best, and will be missed by all who knew him, he was truly one of the “good ones”.

“No Slack” and Best Regards to all of you.

Jim Wilson