Larry D. Guynn

B Company 1967 – 1968
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Only pic is on the B Co. (Phan Rang) Home Page. I was there when Sgt Knight was killed, and others. WIA that same day. I remember when Sgt. Cashier pulled the wounded out of harm’s way on 10-5-67. Casher saved my life also, on 1-28-68. I remember when Brady took a Mauser round in his M16, square in the chest, no mistaking that report. Brady flew through the air off his feet. I don’t how he managed the courage but he finished the day out using the LT’s 15. That was Brady, I love that guy. I’ve tried to find some over the years but could not. I guess you know though, that takes some courage too. It doesn’t mean the same to everyone in the same way. But I can honestly say I love you all. I’m getting a lot from this site.