Tony Teofilak

B & E Companies 1968 – 1969
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Drafted in October 1967, 4 months after starting a new job. Went to Bragg for Basic were they tried to convince me to extend for another year and was told I’d probably would stay in the states. I told them they were friggin crazy. After Bragg was sent to Jackson for Advanced Infantry Training.

Got orders for Nam but was supposed to be assigned to a MP Battalion.

Got to Nam April 12, 1968 and was told they didn’t need MP’s, they needed grunts.

Was told I was going to the 101st. At the time I honestly had never heard of the 101st. Got to Camp Eagle where they did some training, then was told to be ready for deployment. Got on a re-supply chopper with 2 other replacements for that long chopper ride to the A-Shau. When we landed myself and Joe Zink got off and the third guy was hit by a sniper. Never saw him again. At that point I said to myself what the hell have I got myself into?

We lost a lot of soldiers the first couple of months. I was wounded while on ambush on May 12th.

I remember my brothers saying not to worry that it was my ticket home. NOT. Wasn’t wounded bad enough to even get out of the field. I must say that everybody treated me like I had been in the 101st forever, even though I was a leg.

I stayed in the field for about 8 months then was transferred to Company E mortars where I met the infamous Barry McCleary as well as Streak Nerney and  Dave “Hawk” Wayne on Nuoc Noc Bridge. Stayed there for an interesting couple of months then went into Laos humping that damn mortar. That’s where I DEROS’ed from.  I am now getting ready to retire, end of this year 2011 and heading to Florida.

Been married for 21 years, have 1 son and 4 grandson’s.

I gotta say I don’t remember much from the Nam as I tried to forget everything when I returned home but since attending the re-unions in Catlett then Crossville I am able to remember some things, others just erased from my mind.

Thanks to all the re-union attendees for taking me in like a brother.

Special thanks to the Mailman and Joe Zink, the 2 guys I vividly remember. Others I am starting to remember with help from those with better recollection of the events that took place while I was there.

Thanks to all and——- No Slack brothers. Love you all.

ttBack at Camp Eagle getting ready for another 30 days in the jungle

tt1L-R: Joe Zink, Tony and John McKnight

tt2Re-supply day while on Bastogne

tt3Taking a break at Nuoc Noc