Andrew Lee Harris

C Company 1967 – 1968
[email protected]


Andrew from Lancaster, SC served with 2/327’s C Company, 3rd Platoon from July ’67 to July ’68. Carried the M79. My Platoon Sergeant was Sgt. Burrows. In September of ’67 my Squad Leader was Sgt. Burenstiens and after his tour was over my Squad Leader was Sgt. Piaze. My C.O. was Capt. Mavroudis, he stepped on a mine and got killed in the field. I was on Operation Wheeler and got the first body count. When I first came in country I was at Phang Rang.

Some of the people in my company that I remember are AG Smith, Billy Browl, Anthony Stewert, Arnold Schwartz, Goldreg, Billy Sprowse, Kessenger and Ed or Richard Harris from Philadelphia.