Charlie Company Pictures 1967 – 1968

drummond1Frank “Bulldog” Drummond

meyersCaptain Myers on the far right

lindCaptain Myers on the far right

gray4Dave Gray trying to stay dry

gray5Dave (center) Gray and buds

bulldog2Bulldog – where he’d get an air mattress?

melendez_dobbsLunk, Melendez & Pee Wee

gray_tetDave Gray cleaning up after Tet

weinerWendell Weiner holding the Bud

gray_vc_reconVillage in the Bien Hoa area, VC recon That’s Dave Gray against pole and Sarno’s arm with megaphone

davis_grayJohn Davis and Dave Gray in downtown Phang Rang

sgtdavis1Sergeant John Davis

davis_assistSgt. John Davis and the 1st
Platoon Asst. Platoon Sergeant

sgtdavisSergeant John Davis

ragulaChristmas in the NAM 1967.”
This is a photo of Chuck Ragula.
If I didn’t spell his last name corectly he can contact me about it. Ron Aubuchon

bathurst3Montovo, ?, Donald Smith (KIA) and Ralph Lane

bathurst5Montovo-lowland search and destroy

bathurst6Cherry Bathurst
Phan Rang P-Training

bathurst7Bathurst & buds on FSB Bastogne

bathurst8Bush hunters R & R on Bastogne

bathurst9Bathurst & McCleary on Bastogne

bathurst10Richard “Grass” Knight with the 45 and Hawks during resupply

bathurst11L – Bathurst in Singapore on R & R

walshR – L: Ralph Lane, Rich Walsh & ???
Phan Rang August/September 1967

4plt_c2327_674th Platoon C-2/327 1967

schultz_mailleaux_vanslooter_unknownSchultz, Mailleaux, Van Slooter & Unk

pfchenry_detroitPFC Henry from Detroit

medivac_unknownMedivac Unk

pfcdaniels_dansville_ilPFC Daniels from Danville, Il