Dave Gray

C Company 1967 – 1969
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I found out this past week that our Brother Dave Gray, Radio Operator, Charley Company (67/68), 2/327 (No Slack), 1/101st Screaming Eagles has passed away.

Dave had been living at a Assisted Living facility in the San Francisco area. He had sustained an injury at home that prevented him from being mobile which necessitated for Dave to move to an assisted living facility. According to the facility, Dave complained about some medical difficulties he was experiencing and they sent him to see his doctor. The doctor sent him onwards to the hospital because of what he found. Supposedly they discovered that Dave had a sleuth of major medical conditions which they determined to be terminal.

Two days later, Dave passed away in the hospital.

Dave passed away 02 January 2019. Date of hospital visit, 30 December 2018.

Our Brother Dave Gray is now with Our Lord’s Screaming Eagles. May he Rest In Peace Forever.

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The picture above was taken in June, 2012 in San Francisco. Dave and Barbara and my wife Wilma and I.

“Doc” Sal Melendez
No Slack

Jan. 1st, 1969 I boarded a plane from Bien Hoa headed back to the land of milk and honey, the way I thought it was 18 months previously.

My tour De Nam was not the most pleasant of journeys for a lad of 18. For some reason or another the local people did not seem to take to me as would in other lands and cultures. Even the bugs had a disliking (or liking) for my ass. The people shot at me the bugs/sketters gave me malaria twice. I had visited a number of hospitals from as far south as Bien Hoa to the Marine hospital in DaNang and a few in betweeners like Chi Lai and VungTao. Seemed like the locals were starting to get more target practice in and I was it.

I spent all of my pleasant days in country with the proudest/bravest of men of the 101st Airborne Division specifics 2/327/101st, 1st Brigade. The last time the locals popped me I thought it was a good time to try and get to the rear with the gear, a pleasant Major Sherman took pity on my sorry state and presented me with a new career, Base Security. Cool job 3 hots a day, showers when I wanted one, roof over my head (tin) and a real army bed. Then later to Division HQ. as Supply Sgt.

After returning home to the states I finished my military career at Fort Ord, CA. 9 months of stateside duty and I was out.

Married 3 months later (1st time) 1 daughter, graduated San Diego State and still living in San Diego, CA. Don’t have a clue where the X went after 7 grueling years. 2nd marriage lasted about 7 years 2 more (great) kids both now in high school. On the 3rd and final wife (I hope) so far going on 11 years, we get along pretty well. (I guess because I work out of town a lot) (Maybe Jody knows my schedule).

Careers over the past 30+ years. Local utility company 3 yrs, Prison Guard San Quentin State Prison, Ca. 7 years, Real Estate 4years, Supervising Engineer Bechtel, SF. Ca. 5 yrs, Deputy Sheriff twice in different counties 3 years, Design Engineer at Livermore National Lab 6 yrs, Construction Coordinator Sprint Telecom 2 yrs, 3 years with Lucent Technologies building personnel telecom systems (cell phone towers and systems). Presently with the State of Ca. as a environmental investigator (Strategic Environmental Investigations (SEI).

Here I am in my fifties and still don’t know who or what I want to be, are any of my brothers in the same boat out there, have you moved around as much?

d_grayDave with Mel Valentine in the background


d_gray2L-R: Dave, ? and Pee Wee Dobbs