David O. Williamson

C Company 1969 – 1971
[email protected]


Enlisted out of Shreveport La. mid ’68 did my training and went straight to Vietnam. Arrived in January ’69, assigned as an RTO with the 801st Maint. Battalion. After 2 months, C Company of 2/327 requested an RTO. I said, “Let me” and the rest of my time till January 8, 1971 was with C 2/327. Did all of ’69 and asked for ’70, and got it. Left RVN Jan.8, 1971.

I am on the roster I think. David Cook and I have had some correspondence as I am an Archeologist.

williamsonDave in 1970

williamson1Headed for the showers

williamson21st squad Rifle Team near Bach
Ma Mountain. There’s Dave,
far back left

slicksCombat Assault on the Song
Bo River near Hue mid 1969