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jesse_solizSgt Jesse Soliz. Note the M 79 on the nearby branches.

stroeing_a_shauDan Stroeing skipping across the creek – Ashau Valley.

merrill-1Boo Ray Merrill

grimaldiGrimaldi from his perch contemplating World Events. One small s… for mankind.

baldwinceagleSgt Howard Baldwin having a cold one after cleaning up on stand down at Camp Eagle. Note how fastidious he kept his surroundings.

danstroeingDan Stroeing in the Ashau Valley Bushes

wells_stroeingSgt Wells from Kentucky and Dan Stroeing

ns_sign-1Taking a bit of slack out of the No Slack signage.

stroeing_readingDan Stroeing reading a Greek Tragedy – Oedipus Rex.

ceremonyCeremony for our fallen No Slack brothers. Big dude on the right side of photo is First SGT Dearman.

_mg_2378Go ahead punks, MAKE OUR DAY. DO you Feel LUCKY? … I DONT THINK SO!

_mg_23822/327 Ashau 1969. From Right Sgt Wells, middle Sgt Phillip Sumersal, and who knows?

_MG_2387Doc Who? Dan Stroeing, Larry Corbin and No Slack Humberto Hernandez.

_mg_2394Dan Stroeing Keepin’ It Clean at every opportunity.

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Thomas Henderson Viet Nam 1969 near LangCo Village.

Dan ready to prod Micheal Overland (Pops) near the backside of Los Banos Lagoon.

and pages…

2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8